Upcoming events

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th February 2024: Sensei Andre Bertel (7th Dan) seminar in February 2024

Friday 29th March to 1st April 2024: 22nd  International Karate Championship in JAPAN

Past events

Intra- dojo Torunament 14th December 2023

The results for the end of year intra-dojo tournament are as follows:
Kids white belt kata:
1st – Jackson
2nd – Calix
Kids white belt noodle kumite:
1st –  Izac
2nd – Calix
3rd – Jackson
Kids yellow, green, and blue belt kata:
1st – Tomaz
2nd – Jensen
3rd – Connor
Kids yellow, green, and blue belt noodle kumite:
1st – Tomaz
2nd – Jensen
3rd – Connor
Adults white belt kata:
1st – Michelle
2nd – Abby
3rd – Craig
Adults white belt noodle kumite:
1st – Craig
2nd – Abby
3rd – Michelle
Adults/teens brown belt kata:
1st – Harry
2nd – Miya
Adults/teens black belt kata:
1st – Emma
2nd – Tania
3rd – Chris
Adults/teens black belt kumite:
1st – Emma
2nd – Kai   
3rd – Tania

Prize giving 14th December 2023

Another great year. 🙂
Well done to all the prize winners:

Most potential: Jackson  

Most improved: Connor 

Most consistent: Thomas 

Most supportive: Harry 

Most spirited: Jensen 

Most focused: Michelle 

Most committed: Abby 

Student of the year: Emma 

Karate demonstration 1st April 2023

Karate demonstration at Square Edge Open Day and Artisan Mākete 1st April 2023USKU demonstrated the 3 elements of karate training: kihon (basics), kumite (sparring), & kata (forms). This demonstration will give you an overview of what we do in class. If you’d like to give a class ago, we have beginners classes starting now (for adults and kids age 8 and above).

A short video of  part of the demo

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